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Photo Caption: Damien Corr and the members of Limavady Rotary Club in the dormitory of the old workhouse.


Going to the Workhouse - 31 May 2006

We had a conducted tour of what is left of the old workhouse (at Roe Valley Hospital). We enjoyed a buffet in their dining room (which is on the site of the old workhouse dining room of course). Damien showed us old maps, documents and pictures and how new inmates were processed on arrival. The layout of the workhouse was explained to us: male compounds, female compounds, infirmary, graveyard, work arrangements etc. Especially poignant was the dormitory, preserved exactly as it was in workhouse days. Damien also explained to us some of the work of LCDI.

Later on, we visited the gardens and the new water feature to which we donated a small amount of money. This is a designed as a tactile and peaceful haven for the many different users of LCDI.

Thanks to Damien Corr, Gerry Jones and the LCDI canteen staff for a fabulous evening, enjoyed by all.

Story by: HJW